Indigofera blankets are made by master craftspeople in rural Norway in a small factory founded in the 1940s. All our blankets are 100% Norwegian wool, sheared near the factory in a friendly manner. We have classic blankets, seasonal colorways, and limited edition designs and collaborations with artists like Wes Lang, Israel Nash, Björn Atldax, and more.

Pizza Hyena / 3D Mixtec Calendar / Generation Blanket, Agamemnon / Indigofera Logo / Indigofera Gryphon Logo / New Desert / Scioto / Sierraville / Eagle / Tarot XIII / Wes Lang Unbridled / Treasure Trail / Mountain Dazzler / Red Wing Blanket / Trees

Pizza Hyena –Omnipollos Hatt x Indigofera

New blanket art by Björn Atldax. Björn has worked with Indigofera for many years, for example with the annual skull blankets. Björn is also a part of a great pizza restaurant/bar in Stockholm called “Omnipollos Hatt” (The Mighty Chicken Hat). The restaurant is connected to the beer company Omnipollo, serving its beers etc. Very limited edition. Size: 150x200cm.

3D Mixtec Calendar, Indigofera x Björn Atldax

Indigofera’s classic wool blanket woven by artisans in rural Norway. Features a skull pattern with 3D effect. Designed in collaboration with Swedish visual artist Björn Atldax. Comes with a set of two 3D glasses.

Generation Blanket, Agamemnon,
Indigofera x Omnipollo

This wool blanket is a collaboration with Swedish craft beer company Omnipollo, inspired by their Agamemnon beer, their first American brewed beer. The imagery comes from Greek mythology and the stories of king Agamemnon. It depicts an amphora, a timeless vessel in which king Agamemnon is trapped.

Indigofera Gryphon Logo Blanket

The classic Indigofera Gryphon logo blanket in 100% premium wool, crafted by master artisans in Norway. 

Indigofera New Desert Blanket

A traditional striped blanket in a color scheme inspired by the deserts of American southwest. Artisanally crafted in Norway using premium quality wool.

Scioto Blanket

Striped pattern wool blanket inspired by the Scioto Trail State Forest in Ohio. Manufactured by a world-renowned wool mill in Norway that has been making premium quality jacquard woven wool products since 1940. 

Sierraville Blanket

This blanket is inspired by the open plains and beautiful nature of Sierraville, California. 

Eagle Blanket, Orange

This blanket features a woven pattern with a soaring eagle. Originally drawn by artist Obi Kaufmann.

Tarot XIII Blanket, Indigofera x Björn Atldax

Indigofera and Swedish artist Björn Atldax collaboration blanket woven in the image of the XIII Tarot card, Death. Crafted in Norway at a high quality wool mill that has been in business since the 1940’s. 

Wes Lang × Indigofera, Unbridled

Indigofera had the privilege to cooperate with Wes Lang first time in 2013, and it immediately became a great success. The three blankets made then were called #I, #II, #III, and the latest 2019 collaboration #IV.

Wes’s own art and additional collaborations with the likes of Grateful Dead, Kanye West amongst others have kept him busy. The paths of Indigofera and Wes have crossed again and it’s time for a new blanket. It is called “Unbridled”, and the original is made with charcoal sticks on paper. 

Indigofera x Miriam Parkman, Treasure Trail Blanket

This limited edition blanket is part of the Indigofera High Coast collection, designed in collaboration with talented Swedish textile designer Miriam Parkman.

Indigofera x Miriam Parkman, Mountain Dazzler Blanket

Limited edition blanket created in collaboration with Swedish textile designer Miriam Parkman. The pattern is inspired by late 19th century South Swedish “Blixtrölakan” textiles.

Red Wing × Indigofera Blanket

This version of Indigofera’s signature wool blanket is designed in collaboration with iconic American boot brand Red Wing Shoe Co. and features a geometric pattern inspired by vintage Native American trade blankets. 

Indigofera x Second Sunrise Trees Blanket

This blanket is a part of our capsule collaboration with Swedish retailer Second Sunrise. Made using premium wool by a Norwegian mill that has been crafting high quality wool products since the 1940’s.