Second Sunrise Collaboration

This season we have teamed up with the craftspeople Kerstin Neumuller and Douglas Luhanko behind the Swedish shop, Second Sunrise, for a collaboration collection.

Working on this collection we set out to explore some aspects of the Swedish clothing history.

Influenced by Swedish vintage military garments, mixed with functional thinking from classic outdoor clothing and topped it off with inspiration from a popular and beloved Swedish cartoon from the 70’s (Dunderklumpen)!

The result is a collection intended for outdoor activities, featuring Storm jacket, Dunder pants, CPO-style Ro shirt, wool sweater Jorm, Cumulus beanie, Tur hat and Trees blanket.

The Signal Color Orange

The signal color orange is used in the garments to make sure one stays visible while looking for mushrooms in the forest.

The Norwegian made wool blanket has a playful take on the woods surrounding us when in nature.

We wanted to work with wool in most products because it’s our favorite fiber for keeping warm.

Perfect for you while enjoying campfire, sausages, marshmallows with friends and family!

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